A progressive is someone who wants to see society …

A progressive is someone who wants to see society reorganised part by part and step by step so that ordinary men and women have a better chance to live a larger life.

Roberto Unger

History of Philosophy (without any gaps) podcast

I’ve been listening to this fantastic podcast for a while now (although have only just discovered its website). Created by Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King’s College London, it has been working through the major thinkers and their ideas starting in the ancient world and moving forward, slowly. It has just reached its 150th episode and is now dealing with the thought of medieval Islam. The podcast is accessible to the lay person as Adamson discusses each topic with great clarity and humour. I’ve found much of it really interesting and entertaining and can thoroughly recommend it if you have any interest at all in the history of ideas.

Random Thoughts 14: the first half of 2012

This is a first half of the year catch up post for my series of Random Thoughts posts. This is a collection of ¬†links, things found on the web and other stuf that has occured to me – but, along with my fall off in blogging activity generally, the collection of links for these posts…

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