Panorama from the roof garden of Nomura International (No.1 Angel Lane)

Open Garden Squares weekend 2017

A couple of Saturday’s ago (17 June 2017) I spent a great day with some friends wandering around the gardens and squares of Southwark and the City as part of the Open Garden Squares weekend. A trip kindly organised by my friend Emily. I visited five, very different, gardens in total and the gallery shows a photo from each of them. It was a very hot and sunny day so afterwards we cooled off with a drink on a boat on the Thames. This was followed by a very good Italian meal in Soho.

More photos here.

More about the extraordinary story of the old burial ground of Crossbones here.

Wikipedia entry on the Victorian social reformer Octavia Hill is here.

London Sound Survey

This site is “a growing collection of Creative Commons-licensed sound recordings of places, events and wildlife in the capital. Historical references too are gathered to find out how London’s sounds have changed.” Obviously a real labour of love, and very geeky, it is easy to get lost exploring the huge number of resources available here.

Random Thoughts: A catch up for May 2013

I can’t really believe we are in June already. I seem to be having problems properly organising my time — and then there never seems to be enough of it. Also been suffering from “the curse of the interesting”. I keep finding new things interesting — but don’t have time/energy to do anything constructive about…

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Random Thoughts for 8th April 2013: A late March catch-up

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occurred to me between 19th March 2013 and 8th April 2013. This is a catch up of things from the end of March and the beginning April 2013. Probably appears even more…

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Random Thoughts for 8th September 2012

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occured to me this week: Mark Thompson: An appeal for the NHS Some say that as a result of the coalition government the NHS is being “abolished” or “destroyed”. Mark is calling…

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London 2012: women’s football

This week’s Olympic experience has been all about the women’s football competition. I’d secured tickets to see one of the semifinals on Monday and for the final yesterday. Both at Wembley. Obviously I’ve been following the fortunes of team GB and was hoping for a chance to get to see them in the stadium so…

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London 2012: Olympic medals

On the way to the football yesterday I stopped into the British Museum for an hour or so. I got a nice reminder that these Olympics that are having such a big impact now are inspired by our ancient past. With more similarities than you might at first think. The Museum are also currently running…

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London 2012: experiencing the Olympics

This Olympic sport is very distracting. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the excitement of these London games. Amazing scenes. Inspiring performances. But it does get in the way of other things – blogging, getting work done etc. I sit down to write and there is something important happening in the velodrome. I deal with that and…

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Pleased with the London list

One thing I meant to blog about last week was the announcement by the Liberal Democrats of their team of candidates for the London Assembly top-up list in 2012. The detailed figures for the results can be found here. I am delighted with the outcome for two reasons. Not only do we now have very…

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Ken Livingstone is history, so why have some Lib Dems started backing him?

Following it as I do from several stops up the St Pancras to Bedford line I obviously miss out on a lot of the ins and outs of London politics, but I do know this, there is very little doubt that Ken Livingstone wants to be Mayor of London again. As early as July he…

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