A few weeks ago I did something I haven’t done for a while and had a wander around the British Museum. I rather enjoyed coming across this serious dude.

Apparently, he is theĀ Garuda, a legendary bird-like being. In Hindu mythology he is associated with the god Vishnu acting as a vehicle or mount, and symbolises royal power and martial prowess. In Buddhist mythology the Garuda are a enormous intelligent birds that are enemies of the snake spirits called Nagas. This statue is from Tibet, where it seems Garudas aren’t beings you’d want to mess with.

Random Thoughts: A catch up for the rest of June 2013

In this edition we have a birthday chimp, a couple of Russells, and a lot of Boyle. Another unscheduled gap in blogging and a fair bit to catch up on. Although we are (to my surprise) well in to July, here is a catch for June. This is the latest in my series of Random…

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London 2012: Olympic medals

On the way to the football yesterday I stopped into the British Museum for an hour or so. I got a nice reminder that these Olympics that are having such a big impact now are inspired by our ancient past. With more similarities than you might at first think. The Museum are also currently running…

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