Castiglione: Lost Genius

Bad boy artist of the Italian Baroque, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609-64), was featured in a BBC4 documentary last week. They highlighted the exhibition currently being run by the Royal Collection. Would really like to see this. I was impressed by the examples of drawings and monotype prints they showed on the programme and there was something about the style that really appealed. The exhibition runs until the 16th March so perhaps I will try and go in the new year.

Random Thoughts 8: Cheering up with inspirational writing, music and impressionism

My mood seems to be as variable as the weather at the moment but since my last ‘Random Thoughts’ I have been finding stuff to cheer myself up with. Watching the media coverage of the London riots hasn’t been helping with this of course, nor has the sight of those seeking to make political capital…

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