Over the last few weeks I found myself, rather unexpectedly, fulfilling the role of General Election candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the constituency of Luton South. I was initially reluctant to do this, mostly for reasons of personal circumstance and the fact that I have become a bit distant from partisan politics, but after…

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Some news that is both personal and political. Somewhat unexpectedly, I have been chosen to be the candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Luton South in the coming General Election. Whilst have been largely absent from partisan politics recently, at a time when liberal values seem under attack from all sides, and Britain faces the…

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This video is of the formal switch on of Mark Titchner’s Beacon in central Luton on 9 December 2016. A lightbox installation on the end wall of the Hat Factory Arts Centre facing the approach from Luton’s central railway station.

I wrote yesterday about As You Change, So Do I the public realm arts programme currently under way in Luton. Last Friday I went along to the formal launch of ‘Beacon’ the signature piece of the programme which challenges with the declaration “if you can dream it you must do it”.

I took these photos of the recently installed graphics in the Luton Arndale whilst I was in town last week. You really have to be over a certain age and come from Luton to understand why they make me happy.


Luton’s Wardown Park Museum awarded £1.8m from the Heritage Lottery Fund

I was delighted to hear the news last month that the Wardown Park Museum had been awarded £1.8m by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). This brilliant news means that the exciting plans for the redevelopment of the museum are so much closer to going ahead and its future being secured.

For more information I’ve uploaded the press release from Luton Culture.