It has taken me a while to get to this but I’ve been meaning to make a note of a recent musical discovery. Back in June I wrote in praise of a Radio 4 documentary about computer programming languages. In that I mentioned that I particularly liked the music, each episode had music that attempted…

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Luton’s Wardown Park Museum awarded £1.8m from the Heritage Lottery Fund

I was delighted to hear the news last month that the Wardown Park Museum had been awarded £1.8m by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). This brilliant news means that the exciting plans for the redevelopment of the museum are so much closer to going ahead and its future being secured.

For more information I’ve uploaded the press release from Luton Culture.

My Jam Archive

The music sharing and discovery service I had been a member of, ‘This is My Jam’, sadly closed in September this year. But rather than wipe everyone’s profiles and data, typically for what had been a well thought out service, they decided to archive everything and continue to make it available. Mostly for my reference, this is the link to my archive.

How terrible to live surrounded by the stark sharp…

How terrible to live surrounded by the stark sharp hollowness of things that simply were enough.

Patrick Rothfuss - The Slow Regard of Silent Things

It has become my habit that at the end of each year to put together a “best of” playlist of the music that I have been listening to, or has meant something, that year. Again, I’m a bit late finishing the 2014 version for various reasons, but last week I finished reviewing the tracks and placing them…

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I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum on Saturday for the first time. It was something I’ve been meaning to do for ages as it is the only one of the big four London museums I’ve never been in. I only scratched the surface of its collection and, while I was bowled over by the jewellery gallery, I spent most of my time in the museum’s Asian galleries.

Here is a Ming/Qing dynasty stoneware teapot, made around 1625 – 55, from the V&A’s Chinese gallery. I love the fact that they know the name of the person who made it; Hui Mengchen.

The Story of Music in Fifty Pieces

I really enjoyed Howard Goodall’s Story of Music documentary series when it was on last year. I discovered a few weeks ago that at the same time Radio 3 had run an accompanying series looking Goodall’s choice of 50 of the most influential pieces of music in musical history.

This series is still available as a podcast and I’ve just finished working through the episodes, but more importantly listening to each of the 50 pieces themselves. Listening to the pieces chosen in order is a fascinating journey and does give you a sense of how music has changed and developed. 

The podcast is available here: Radio 3 Story of Music in Fifty Pieces

A playlist with (most of) the 50 pieces is available here on Spotify.

London Sound Survey

This site is “a growing collection of Creative Commons-licensed sound recordings of places, events and wildlife in the capital. Historical references too are gathered to find out how London’s sounds have changed.” Obviously a real labour of love, and very geeky, it is easy to get lost exploring the huge number of resources available here.