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Andy Strange
Andy Strange

Hello. I’m Andy Strange and this is my personal website. I’m using it as the main gateway to all my online activities and as a home for my writings and thoughts.

I live in Luton in England and describe myself as a WordPress expert, digital entrepreneur, and liberal thinker. A somewhat aspirational description perhaps, but it accurately covers both my ambitions and what I spend a lot of my time doing.

For many years I was active with the Liberal Democrats, the UK political party. I helped out with elections, served on policy and other committees, and attended conferences. I even stood for Parliament once. For eight years I was an elected councillor on Luton Borough Council and had a number of roles within local government. I was a member of the Council’s Executive for three years. However, at the moment I am mostly taking a break from politics.

I am a trustee of Luton Culture, a local charity that runs the town’s libraries, two museums, and the Hat Factory and Library Theatre.

For work I mostly build websites with WordPress and provide other web services through my company, Grit and Oyster Limited.

If you want to get in touch you can do so here.