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The Liberal Democrats’ 2017 Manifesto

I am happy to endorse the manifesto that the Liberal Democrats have published for the 2017 General Election. Which is just as well, really.

On first reading there was only one thing I found that I actually disagree with, and that is fairly obscure. Of course there are some areas where I felt the party could have gone further, been more radical, or had greater clarity. There always is. There were a few too many ‘reviews’ for my liking — but that is probably understandable given that this is a snap election and the usual policy making process hasn’t had time to complete. Yet, on the whole it is a very solid piece of work.

One thing that struck me — which I doubt will get reported — is how consistent it all felt. Not only with previous manifestos, but with what the party tried to do in coalition. On the crucial issues of the economy and public finances there is the same commitment to careful financial management and the making of sensible, if sometimes dificult, choices; a prioritising of investment; and a practical progressive approach to supporting the poorest and most vulnerable.

I was also pleased to see a number of my personal policy hobby horses — such a s local authority regulation of buses — included.

The manifesto can be found online here:

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