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My best music of 2015 playlist

It has become my habit that at the end of each year to put together a “best of” playlist of the music that I have been listening to, or has meant something, that year. I’m rather late putting together the 2015 version – not entirely sure where January and February have disappeared to – but today I finished reviewing the tracks and placing them in a carefully chosen order.

Again I’ve used the music streaming service Spotify to pull together the playlist. So if you’d like to listen to it here is the full playlist of just over eight hours of my best tracks of 2014. The first third is rock, folk and soul (sort of) — the second third is jazz and hip hop — and the last third is electronic and dance.

The style and range of the music is fairly consistent will the last few annual playlists. My taste hasn’t radically changed. I wrote last year that I could probably do with a bit more rock (or indeed ROCK! \m/) in my life. I made a few steps towards that — but it hasn’t really influenced this playlist much. I am going to try and do a bit more about that this year.

I also listened to a bit more classical music in 2015 and discovered a couple of new artists I like. But again that is not reflected in this playlist. My big discovery of 2015, who has a favourite track in the playlist and who I wrote about in November, is Miaoux Miaoux.

In a review of the past musical year I should also probably mention This Is My Jam, the music sharing and discovery service I was a member of that sadly shut down in 2015. My archive of the tracks I posted on that service is still available online.

Looking forward to the rest of 2016, I hope that this year is one where I get to see a lot more live performance. So any suggestions of gigs I might like are welcome.

You can also read my ‘best of’ music posts from previous years: 20142013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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