1. tonyhill
    · Reply

    On the other hand, would it really be helpful for the quality of our governance if our cabinet ministers were having to nurse marginal seats?

  2. Squirrel Nutkin
    · Reply


    (In fact the current quality of governance would be immeasurably improved if certain cabinet ministers were compelled to devote themselves to nursing the ickle sick baa-lambs rather than nursing their ambition by egotistically trampling all over, say, picking departments completely at random, education or justice.)

    More seriously, anything that helps to break the growing public perception that government is a highly remunerated playground where wonkish weirdos who’ve never had a real job swan around completely insulated from the lives of normal people, would be highly welcome. It is – still – a misperception, but it is hurting us all.

  3. Andy Strange
    · Reply

    It’s not really about nursing marginal seats — although some cabinet ministers have had successful careers whilst doing so. It is about those who don’t have to give their constituency a second thought because there is no realistic chance of them ever losing it.

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