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  2. Peter Facey
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    As Director of Unlock Democracy I have felt it is inappropriate to comment on the debate about our elections rules while doing so could effect the election.

    The sad part about this debate is that it has come at the point when no one could do anything to change the rules. Our election rules are the property of our members and can only be changed at a AGM.

    The present rules where adopted in 2007 and where based on the rules already in place for Unlock Democracy’s predecessor NPN. The present rules were written because of the concern about creating a level playing-field. Since then the organisation has doubled its membership and the world have changed with the growth of social media.

    Unlock Democracy is pluralistic organisation with people coming from a variety of political traditions and none.

    Any member can move a motion to change the rules, and you don’t need to wait until November to submit one. Now that the ballot is closed it would be good to have a debate about how and if people would like to change our rules so that they can be debated at our AGM in November.

    This can not be lead by staff, but it should be lead by members and supporters who want to make Unlock Democracy as democratic as possible.

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