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    […] I blogged a few weeks ago about the submission I made, via Unlock Democracy, to the consultation on the draft House of Lords reform bill. You can read what I said here. […]

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    1)The House of Lords should be reduced in number to 600
    2)One third of the new House of Lords should come from the existing panel of hereditary peers and ennobled peers.
    3)One third should be drawn by lot (rather like jury service empanelments)from what we could call the professional classes,such as,doctors,lawyers architects,teachers.
    4)One third should be drawn from the working classes,not considered professionals.
    That would be the final composition of the new Lords.This second chamber would reflect society without the unnecessary rigmarole of electioneering with all its unnecessary expenses and party political connotations.
    Every three years one third of each cohort would be replaced by members newly chosen by lot .
    In the initial stages of such a reform there would be a gradual reduction of the hereditary peers and ennobled peers to allow the newly chosen members of the two new cohorts to be fed in until they had reached their cohorts’ quotas.
    As in jury service,those chosen would receive a salary and adequate expenses to cover the serious cost of living in London ,while their employment would be kept open for them so that they could return to their previous lives
    This reform would regenerate interest in politics amongst the wider community since it would involve persons the wider community could identify with and because any citizen could be called upon to participate in the second chamber.It would also have the benefit of retaining the expertise of those long versed in the intricacies of our febrile politics while educating the public at large to the responsibilities of the citizenry.Naturally there would be in place a system of deferments which would make exceptions for those who would find it a major hardship to participate in such a scheme.Also there would exist a system of disbarment so that persons unsuitable for such participation would be excluded.

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