1. Niklas Smith
    · Reply

    This is excellent news! Finally internal elections will become a bit more of a level playing field.

    As for that outdated rule, its age is most embarrassingly shown by the reference to “cix conferencing”. No one of my generation uses Cix; indeed I only know of its existence because a couple of Cambridge Lib Dems have Cix e-mail addresses…

  2. Andy Strange
    · Reply

    As do I! You’ve just made me feel old Niklas. 😉 But you are right on both points.

  3. Mark Pack
    · Reply

    Being roughly the same age as email, I of course will forever think that it is a youthful, vibrant and novel technology (that is also slim and handsome of course).

    Now all we need do is get them passed, which should be straight forward though given the very low level of participation in the consultation that led up to these recommendations it may be a very sparsely attended debate that therefore becomes a little bit of a lottery. Unless of course we nag enough people to attend. So that’s three of us so far…

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