1. James Graham
    · Reply

    I think it is fair to say that if Richard and Matthew Sowemimo were still at the controls of SLF, it would be developing in a rather different direction. I think it is also fair to say that a number of people within SLF probably agree rather more with Richard and Matthew than they do with David and I.

    I for one am quite proud of the fact that we’ve managed internal disagreement quite well and have managed to keep a number of people working constructively within the party instead of walking away.

    I’m very keen that SLF remains at the centre of the party and avoids the trap of ghettoising itself. Ultimately though, that will be decided by whether people like you hop on board or steer clear.

    I think we need to do a better job at making the “forum” bit in our name more of a reality – now the referendum is out of the way, some of the responsibility for that is mine. Hopefully, we’ll see a return of the policy discussions which you used to come to soon. And of course, lots more successful conferences! But there will always be a need for campaigning and I think it is safe to say that our work on the NHS was very much within the mainstream of the party.

  2. Andy Strange
    · Reply

    Thanks for that James.

    Perhaps my post made the SLF sound more polarised than you are. I recognise that there is a range of opinion rather than a simple binary choice. In many ways what you are doing is working things through – something we are all having to do in the context of coalition. The starting point won’t be where you end up.

    I think the second point you make is a very strong one. By providing a home for those who are really really unhappy with the coalition, keeping them involved when otherwise we could lose them, is another important service you are doing for the party.

    I may not be hopping on board, but I don’t intend to steer clear either. But that just makes me sound like a wishy washy liberal so I’ll stop!

  3. Jennie
    · Reply

    Our party does seem to breed talking shops for middle class white men… Perhaps because we ARE one. I dunno. I might be more interested in SLF if it seemed more relevant to the stuff I am interested in, and less about defining itself in the negative – NOT Orange Bookers, NOT Fringe elements, etc.

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