1. The best of my Process Guy blog « Strange Thoughts

    […] the post I wrote yesterday about internal party election rules I referred back to something that I had written on my Process Guy blog. This reminded me that I […]

  2. From January 2009: Failing to get elected to the Federal Executive, twice « Strange Thoughts

    […] This is a blog post from Friday, 9 January 2009 that I published on my old Process Guy blog. It expressed my frustration at the rules around campaigning for internal party elections. Something that I have also recently written about. […]

  3. Jennie
    · Reply

    I’ll be supporting them like whoa.

  4. Conference to vote on changes to the Liberal Democrats internal election rules « Strange Thoughts

    […] So this seems like a good moment to update my post from April about the proposed changes to relax the restrictions on campaigning in internal p…. […]

  5. Voting in the Unlock Democracy Council elections « Strange Thoughts

    […] rules seem to be even sillier than the very silly rules that until recently the Liberal Democrats had for their internal elections. The prevention of any form of campaigning […]

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