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  1. Matt Harwood
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    Totally agree that the EDL can be fairly branded as idiots. The barbaric vitriol that is patently evident in every word “supporters” come out with would embarrass the most grass-roots caveman.

    Having said that, shouldn’t we uphold the principle that any group/person should have the right to protest where, when, and about whatever they like – without thought to the financial implications?

    “Sorry, your cause would cause too much to – gov what’s the word – facilitate! So no dice.”

    The cost to democracy dissuading anyone from protesting would be far greater, surely?

    IMO, the EDL viewpoint has grown from dire engagement levels in education anything-but-elegantly mixed with the need to belong. Time would definitely be better spent addressing these issues through policy, rather than engaging in debate with a group that would start an argument in an empty room… but I digress.

    Hope all is well!



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