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Random Thoughts #1

My brain is often visited by thoughts of a random nature. Whether sparked by something I’ve read, a conversation I’ve had, or just from idle day dreaming. Quite often these thoughts are generated from something found on the Internet. Occasionally these thoughts are interesting enough, at least in my opinion, to be shared.

I want to update this blog more regularly than I do but often find it difficult to find the time to write full articles. So I am going to try out putting some of these random thoughts, and the links that have triggered them, into a regular post. My “Random Thoughts” post will be weekly, sent early on Friday morning, and will consist of links to other websites alongside a short piece of commentary.

In short, something of an old fashioned web log. I don’t claim that my random thoughts are original!

So here is the first, of what I hope to be an ongoing series, of my “Random Thoughts”.


Life with Lord Ashdown is no Werther’s Originals advert from The Independent

Great interview that resonates with the essential Paddiness of Paddy Ashdown. Loved the bit about the competitive ski races with his grandson and definitely an Apple not a Windows man.

Chris Huhne on the economics of low carbon from Liberal Democrat Voice

“I’ve been concentrating recently on the economic, rather than the environmental, case for the transformation to a low-carbon economy. And it’s a compelling one”. It becomes more and more apparent that a key part of making the coalition government a success is how far we can push the agenda of ‘green led’ economic growth.

Do e-books spell the end of lending libraries?

I was pleased to see Luton’s libraries getting a mention in this report from the BBC’s Click technology programme on the future of libraries. Luton librarian Fiona Marriot  is interviewed about half way through.

Time for the Liberal Democrats to stop looking like Tories

Jonathan Calder on Liberal England is concerned that through the use of “aqua” the Liberal Democrats appear to be turning blue.  He illustrates his point with a rather familiar graphic.

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