1. Not a Labour Voter
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    Would you like to take the credit for the East Luton Corridor Road? Or do you only count as yours projects that don’t run over budget and over time?

    • Andy Strange
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      Actually, if you’d read what I wrote carefully you would have seen that I openly admitted that the St George’s Square project ran over time. Something that did cause difficulties. I don’t recall that it ran over budget. However, I believe it was worth it. Don’t you?

      The East Luton Corridor road project, a significant upgrade to the access between Luton Airport and the M1, spans both the previous Liberal Democrat and the current Labour administration. I believe the contracts were agreed in 2006 and work was completed in 2009, the bulk of the work being done under Labour. So both political parties share the responsibility for that one. Yes, it ran significantly over budget and over time. I believe that the legal wrangles over precisely who is liable for the delays are ongoing.

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