1. Why Nick Clegg is right on multiculturalism (or how the Deputy Prime Minister came to Luton to agree with me) « Strange Thoughts

    […] I wrote my critique of that speech here in this post; ‘Cameron is wrong: multiculturalism has worked’. […]

  2. Prevent 2.0 means money for Luton – but who is winning the argument within Government about the meaning of integration? « Strange Thoughts

    […] and violent extremism with the wider agenda of community cohesion. This was something that I criticised Cameron for doing in his speech and praised Clegg for getting right in his! So it is good that the government is being clearer […]

  3. Conservative Pragmatism Knows Islamophobia Helps Win Elections – Byline Times

    […] Munich and the English Defence League (EDL), which was protesting in Luton on the same day – but the symbolism of a Prime Minister making statements which would be used by racist street thugs was not lost. Not […]

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