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Pleased with the London list

One thing I meant to blog about last week was the announcement by the Liberal Democrats of their team of candidates for the London Assembly top-up list in 2012. The detailed figures for the results can be found here. I am delighted with the outcome for two reasons. Not only do we now have very strong team of candidates but the top three are all people I know, like and respect.

Top of the list is Caroline Pidgeon, the current leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the London Assembly, who through her hard work and professionalism has consolidated her position as a leading figure within the party and within London politics. The huge number of first preferences Caroline got demonstrates just how well liked she is in the party.

Second on the list is Stephen Knight. Not only is Stephen one of the nicest chaps you could meet but is someone I have always found to be willing to give wise counsel. He has a deep knowledge of London politics and practical local government experience, both in control and in opposition, at Richmond upon Thames council where he is leader of the opposition. He’s also not a bad campaigner as his strong showing of first preferences would indicate.

Third on the list is Bridget Fox. I’d like to claim that it was her website wot won it, but the truth is Bridget is a highly talented and accomplished politician, a hugely experienced campaigner, and someone liked and respected widely within the party. She thoroughly deserves to be high on our list of candidates and I am particularly delighted for her.

So congratulations to Caroline, Stephen and Bridget; and best of luck for 2012.

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  1. Mark Pack on

    Yup, it’s a really strong list – and that extends further down the list too. I found ordering all the candidates on the ballot paper much harder than in many Lib Dem elections, and that was for good reasons.


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