1. MatGB
    · Reply

    OK, a WP theme designed for LD local sites is something I’m very interesting as every attempt I’ve made at building one stalls at teh “I need to code something” stage. So this is a good project.

    But, really, making it look like a PRAI site when they acknowledge the look of their sites needs a major overhaul?

    Some very nice ideas and tricks in there, I especially like the splkit up topnav for the different constituencies, but I think the styling needs work. I personally hate 3-column with the text in the centre as well, that’s a personal thing, but it’s shared by a lot of people.

    • Andy Strange
      · Reply

      Thanks Mat. I will be making the theme available for others to use shortly.

      I’ve not tried to make it look like a PRAI site. What I’ve tried to do is make it mirror the style of the national Lib Dem website. If you compare the two side by side you will see the similarities. I am afraid any website with 3 columns and Lib Dem styling will have the air of familiarity about it!

      Also keep in mind that the Luton site is only one implementation of the theme (and I admit currently a pretty dull one at that) and that the theme should be flexible enough to include other elements that create a different look.

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