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    There’s the thought that it might become like a sort of leader of the 1922 committee; that’s how it functioned during the last coalition.

    Incidentally another good quote on the vice Presidency; “I do not intend to be buried until I am dead.” – Daniel Webster

  2. Voting for the Party President « Strange Thoughts

    […] The reason for this is that I have had great difficulty making up my mind about the choice we have had this time and who to vote for. I like and respect both candidates and both would bring different qualities to the role. Susan Kramer is someone who I admire and have great affection for. She is a proper hard-working campaigner and activist as well as being a clever and authoritative politician. Tim Farron is a hugely impressive and charismatic politician whose talents are not being properly used by the party. A couple of months ago he was my choice for the Deputy Leader of the Parliamentary Party. […]

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