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    You MISSED Simons speach????? It was the best political speach I have ever heard in person. One because of its contents & delivery -but also the historic point in our Partys history.
    I am foremost a Liberal & secondly anti Tory (- against vested power & privilage) and yes I feel uncomfortable working with those I have much uncommon with…….but life demands we work/co-operate with those we wouldnt want to spent an evening with together down the pub.
    We must look at our situation as half full not half empty, if we as a party (& for the good of our country & people) have to try & show we can work with others. Times will get tough & no dont some flakely members will leave, but in ten years time I’m sure we will look but & mostly agree – yes it was the right course of action for the country & our party.

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