1. Richard Parker
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    Like Andy I’m older enough to have seen experienced the less attractive sides of those we might believe to have be our closer political allies. Given that I’m an idealist too, in the current situation it would seem more appropriate, even with that past knowledge and experience, that in the end we would be better to place our support with that grouping.
    However lets look at the fact. As Lib Dems our first priority is to help create a strong and stable government and that cannot be done by throwing our lot in with Labour and can only be done by working with the Tories, and yes it does come very very hard to stomach this but some things in life just have to be done for the greater good. Furthermore I believe with a passion that the electorate will never forgive us if we are seen act only in our interest rather than countries .
    Secondly I am long enough in the tooth and experienced enough in negotiations to know that ones favoured position cannot always be gained in the first instance but that it does take time and patience to achieve all that sets out to do.
    As for caveats it is imperative that in return for our support we ensure we protect those less able to cope in an economic hard times and the term of office runs for a whole parliamentary term and not a 12-18 month wonder . To do less would quite properly invite the same kind of scorn upon us that we have readily placed on others .

  2. Bernard Salmon
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    Applause – my feelings exactly. I’m not a fan of either the Tories or Labour and would prefer not to have to work with either. But in the situation we’re in, the only realistic arrangement is some sort of understanding between the Lib Dems and Tories. A deal with Labour wouldn’t even have a majority in the HoC, even ignoring the fact that Labour can’t be trusted to deliver a referendum on PR.

  3. Jennie
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    * applause *

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