1. Duncan
    · Reply

    I’ve started copying and pasting some of my comments because I don’t have the time to write 1000 word explanations for why people should support Nick and the Lib Dem leadership afresh each time. As for why you should support AV, a commentator at Norfolk Blogger has articulated the point rather well;


    We tried for and could not get STV. We did on the other hand get (a referendum for) AV, and AV is a massive step towards STV especially as (so long as too many activists don’t go mental and leave the party in its moment of moderate triumph) if the next election is fought with AV we’ll hopefully be in a stronger position to deal with another party to get full STV.

  2. Jennie
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    I agree with this post (see what I posted myself a few minutes ago before seeing this LOL)

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