1. Duncan
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    If we were going to win Stirling that would make me so happy, as a Scot who loves the city and is looking seriously at the propect of living there, but (a) we’ve not really been fighting it – no students have been asked to go, I’ve heard not a peep out of the constituency – and (b) it’s one of the few hustings you can watch on iPlayer and you’ll see that our candidate, though a nice guy and probably a good councillor, is unlikely to win hearts and minds.

    Dulwich, Ealing, Bristol, Pendle and (so I hear) Nottingham South from your list are all likelies. I wouldn’t say Edinburgh South West was but (depend on it) we’re going to win Edinburgh South and Edinburgh North so if we won ESW that would be the best thing to have happened in Scottish politics for half a century.

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