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    No, the news coverage was confused between the polls of the audience and the polls of the undecided voters. This close to the election, especially after the first debate made Nick a contender, decided voters are simply going to say their guy won. The polls of undecided voters put Nick overwhelmingly ahead and IIRC Cameron last. That was the real poll by which to judge – the poll of people who hadn’t made up their minds yet – but the news media screwed up. Nick won.

    However, he didn’t win enough IMHO. He didn’t challenge Cameron of the fact he’ll allow a child to be expelled without appeal. Great for ‘discipline’, but what about what happens to the child? He didn’t take on Brown and Cameron going after ‘life on the dole’. How is it life on the dole if a single father decides not to take a job three hours away because it will leave him worse off, after transport costs, than he was before. That’s a recipe for broken Britain right there and surefire evidence that neither plutocrat Cameron nor emotionally-retarded Brown think about the human beings effected by their policy decisions. If we were to win, Clegg should have gone chasing after Tory votes by pointing out that (a) rehabilitation is scientifically proven to be the real way forward if you’re serious about cutting crime, (b) incentives is the way to get people off benefits, not force, (c) small class room sizes is the way to deal with discipline, not investing headmasters with draconian authorities and removing the appeals procedure, (d) Cameron’s policies on immigration are a fraud designed to appeal to the Daily Mail reader. They’re not a real solution. Just like he should have called Cameron on his support for rolling back a woman’s right to choose last week when the pope was mentioned. Instead Nick, no doubt following advice from Cowley St ‘strategists’, decided his task was to take down Gordon. And he won, easily. But Tory voters left the debate feeling happy about their choice in Cameron and in that regards the audience poll was accurate; 34% of them will vote Tory and it’s a damn shame.

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