1. The #GE2010 Golden Half-Dozen: pick of the Lib Dem blogs (8th April)

    […] The Digital Economy Bill #debill (Andy Strange) Depressed by Parliament’s failure to respond to voters’ concerns: “The Liberal Democrats, despite our faults, are the only Party committed to real and radical reform of the political system. If you are angry about the Digital Economy Bill I can’t think of a better reason why you should vote for, and campaign for, the Liberal Democrats.” […]

  2. Politwecal
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    #debill was a great show of opinion and action, sometimes in conflict. The Lib Dems were active on Twitter at least, and for that here’s a powerful way to compare what the party politicians really think. Politwecal at http://www.politwecal.com lets you compare MPs etc. Twitter-feeds side by side.

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