1. Nasreen Imtiaz
    · Reply

    I am delighted to see Qurban ussain leading in their online poll.As a LibDim Candidate he is very hard working as well very help to all the people of Luton South.I wish him good luck and I hope he will gain this seat. He lives in Luton and he has knowledge of communities problems.

  2. George
    · Reply

    As a resident of Brook Street in Luton, I have never met Qurban Hussein, despite having invited him to attend numerous TARA meetings.
    He was nowhere to be seen at any Area Committee meetings, nor at “Safer Luton Partnership” meetings.
    Of course, he and his cronies regularly appeared during council elections (well, once, anyway!!).
    For us, he was an utterly useless councillor, showing no interest at all in the area, and could possibly be an even worse MP, should Luton South constituents be unfortunate enough to end up with him as their representative.
    I assume that the”LibDim Candidate” reference in the previous post was a Freudian slip!!

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