1. Jennie
    · Reply

    Pah. So-called Liberals. Pandering to the bloody Jobs hegemony. I refuse to buy ANYTHING from bloody iTunes and I’m not making an exception for THIS.


  2. George
    · Reply

    I just heard about this on today’s Daily Politics. I’m a life-long LibDem supporter, and would have bought this if it was a physical CD-single.

  3. Sharon
    · Reply

    Think of the cost savings and the instant distribution! I’m sure if you sent central office a CD they’d cut you a copy for a very large donation :o))

    I think it’s a great idea personally as a MAC user (and having never bought an iTunes download) I might make an exception for it.

    All positive thoughts…..save negativity until after May 6th please. Strange thoughts a must of course!

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