1. Jennie
    · Reply

    Can tell you’re angry when your grammar and punctuation goes out of the window LOL

    Great post, though, even if it could have done with a bit of proof-reading.

  2. J Wood
    · Reply

    I too got very angry whilst watching this program on 4OD (4 On-Demand, not to confuse anybody). These politician’s contempt (and many many others I’m sure) for the public and utter disregard for working for the good of the people is truly sickening.

    Action needs to be taken against this pathetic figure Margaret Moran. An unemployed person who claims the dole whist secretly working can get dragged through the courts, as can people claiming sickness or incapacity benefit but who are in reality fit for work.

    What did Moran do? In reality, exactly the same thing. She was ‘off sick’ whilst the tax payer was still paying her over-inflated salary. And during this period, she attends a job interview! She needs to be charged with fraud. This boils down to theft from the public.

    The whole situation makes me feel sick.

    I intended to tell Moran what I thought of her via her website, but it has conveniently stopped working properly. I suggest everyone should call her up and give her a piece of their mind – oh no, I forgot she’s off sick.

  3. T. Urry
    · Reply

    Grammar and punctuation is forgiven; but new instead of knew? REALLY!

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