1. Chris
    · Reply

    Well you should be really, really ashamed of yourself, especially the way that vast amounts has been spent on making Luton’s library worse to the point of being pretty well unusable. What on earth were you thinking? Why bother with books and shelves when you can have large open spaces?

    Let’s hope “Luton Cultural Services Trust” becomes a public spending cut.

    • Andy Strange
      · Reply

      No I shouldn’t. The recent significant refurbishment of the Central Library has been excellent. It has created a modern and comfortable space with a number of improvements, including the creation of a brilliant children’s library. Something that the Trust, and Luton, should be proud of.

      You might not like the changes. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think “worse to the point of being pretty well unusable” sounds like a gross exaggeration to me. If you are having dificulty using the library, why not ask one of the excellent and dedicated members of staff for help? Although, if you were able to have your wish for spending cuts, I supposed we would have to sack many of them.

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