1. Darren
    · Reply

    I definitely agree he was a kind guy who helped us get a good start in life. Here’s a link to a poem from our ferras shool year book.

  2. Karen Reeves
    · Reply

    Mr.Herbert was the King of Calm and Wisdom and I will never forget his inspirational assemblies.

  3. lil liliana
    · Reply

    i’ve never heard of him but i go to ferrrars juniors now so i dont think i would know him. your fabulous school has turned into a death trap.

    stinkbombs, smoking, cat fights. crap teachers

  4. Rebecca
    · Reply

    I heard about Mr Hertbert on the current Ferrars Junior school website guest book. I didn't even know who he was I don't even go to Ferrars and never have. I've only ever seen the building and been good friends with Sarah Zamarad, an ex-pupil at the school. I am really sad not because of the death of a guy I haven't even heard about until I googled his name but because I wanted to

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