1. Costigan Quist
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    I’m not convinced that defining terms would really be possible, or make for readable blog postings.

    But I agree with your point. When I see a row, or get into one myself, I always try to remember to ask whether it’s caused because those involved mean two different things by the same word, or sometimes the same thing by two different words.

    More than once I’ve been deep in

  2. Tristan
    · Reply


    There are some terms I just don’t like to use now, unless I’m deliberately being provocative…

    Rows are all too common. There’s whole communities who oppose each other built up on that basis.

  3. hallblithe
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    Here is an attempt to define Socialism.

    The term ‘socialist’ is found for the first time in the Owenite Co-operative Magazine of November 1827 where it stands for a society of common ownership. Marx and Engels used the words ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ interchangeably to refer to a society of common ownership. Marx and Engels gave few other details about what they thought

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