1. Tom Papworth
    · Reply

    You woz robbed!

  2. Ed
    · Reply

    Ah Andy eventually you will come to see the light and realise that the party’s internal election rules are a thing of great beauty built up year on year, pointless bureaucratic amendment after pointless bureaucratic amendment precisely to stop debate because as we all know rules and pointless bureaucracy (not debate, competition and unfettered free speech) is what we as a party exist for. After

  3. Duncan Borrowman
    · Reply

    Too true Ed…

    FWIW I voted for four other people apart from myself – you, Erlend, Peter Dunphy and Rob Blackie. Not deliberately all men! None of the non incumbents got on…
    I agree about the rules. And the party’s rules on selection and election processes are insane. The other problem is they are all set by a plethora of bureaucratic bodies who all set their own insane hurdles to

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