1. Roger
    · Reply

    Why exactly does the economic crisis call for more European co-operation?

  2. Process Guy
    · Reply

    Roger..erm..having you been watching the news?

  3. MikeH
    · Reply

    What ‘distortions and scare stories’ from the Democracy Movement were those then? Interesting that you don’t say.

    You deny the facts of the EU budget deal – that Britain is a major net contributor to the EU’s fraud-ridden budget, and our payments have gone up by more than 60%? Tony Blair admitted it himself in Parliament … you want me to dig out the quote? Not exactly helpful in that

  4. Process Guy
    · Reply

    MikeH, I didn’t answer Roger’s question because the reasons why greater European cooperation is necessary in a time of global economic crisis should be obvious to anyone who doesn’t walk around with a bucket on their head.

    Whether my choice not to go into detail about the distortions of the Democracy Movement is “interesting” or not – I obviously didn’t need to as you as you have chosen

  5. MikeH
    · Reply

    That greater co-operation is desireable in most circumstances, crisis or not, is distinct from the debate about the EU, which is clearly a political centralisation project … “to anyone who doesn’t walk around with a bucket on their head.”

    Co-operation can perfectly easily be achieved without passing all major decision-making to barely accountable central institutions in Brussels.

  6. Roger
    · Reply

    Whenever somebody responds to a question with an insult… you know they are working to an agenda and not engaging in a debate.

    To my question ‘Why exactly does the economic crisis call for more European co-operation? I anticipated a reasoned debate – not a girl’s blouse response like ‘haven’t I been watching the news?’

    Of course I’ve been watching the news… who hasn’t? And

  7. Roger
    · Reply

    I note that Mr process Guy claims to be a member of a party that has consistently called for democratic reform in the UK… the only party that I know that comes close to ‘honest’ democracy is the BNP – are you a member of the BNP? – because it most certainly isn’t New Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats all of whom are EU bum boys. The Liberal Democrats for example PROMISED that

  8. Roger
    · Reply

    I also note your claim that the EU is democratic… that is a laugh. MEP’s are not elected… they are selected. If the Conservatives put a duck on the top of their list and a professor of economics on the bottom of the list… who would be representing us in Brussels – the Duck. Great system of democracy ay! The reason this system is used is to CONTROL who actually gets elected… it it has

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