1. Wit and wisdom
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    No, I agree with Kendall (who’s a woman, by the way).

    We have too many policies and we are trying to do too much. We need a simple, dumbed down message very much in the style of the recent excellent Make It Happen document.

    The only way peop[le will listen to us is if they notice us in the first place. We basically have a selling job, not a persuasion job.

  2. Wit and wisdom
    · Reply

    Yikes! Olly Grendell, as regularly featured on Newsnight, is a woman, Olly Kendall is clearly male from his picture.

    They always told me to check my sourcfes before going into print…

  3. James Graham (Quaequam Blog!)
    · Reply

    I don’t know if Kendall is a man or a woman but s/he is very popular with hikers.

  4. Duncan Borrowman
    · Reply

    Don’t know who Olly Grendell is, but Olly Grender, who regularly appears on Newsnight, is a woman. And a former radical Kingston Young Liberal – I am sure she would agree with Andy.
    So you should have checked your sources… again.
    Last time I saw Olly Kendall he didn’t seem to have had a sex change. But whatever sex he is, he is wrong, and actually Wit and Wisdom you aren’t arguing

  5. Olly Kendall
    · Reply

    Duncan – thanks for backing me up on my gender 🙂 I think I’m inadvertantly developing a post-op online alter ego.

    i agree that the claim to genuine policy innovation, nay radicalism, is one of (and rightly) our defining political USPs (horrid phrase, sorry).I just think there is a comms job to do to ensure that voters are clear about these two distinct strands. if there is any

  6. Process Guy
    · Reply

    Thanks all for the comments – I hope all gender confusion is now clarified.

    Olly – I wouldn’t want to argue that we appear irresponsible or dangerous on the economy, credibility is enormously important, I just find that when we worry about being responsible we tend to end up being boring!

  7. Peter Welch
    · Reply

    Well I had also commented on the article. With David Cameron promising to spend exactly the same amount of money as Labour, there is plenty of scope for responsible radicalism.


  8. Liberal Neil
    · Reply

    I agree that we need a simple and convincing message.

    But I don’t agree that there is any incompatibility between being pro civil liberties and ‘responsible’ on the economy.

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