1. Tom Papworth
    · Reply

    All true.

    Actually, I’m a little more sceptical of Vince than others.

    He is obviously head-and-shoulders above any Treasury spokesman we’ve had before or any current financial front-bencher, but the belief that everything he says is automatically right is beginning to wear thin.

    I am also becoming annoyed by his deployment of the term “Economically illiterate” to

  2. Neil Stockley
    · Reply

    I agree with your basic point – that we need an up-to-date economic analysis and political message.

    OK, Vince Cable is not the message though he will embody it better than any other Lib Dem.

    The Fairer Future Economic Recovery Plan is at least a start.

    I would add though that the party as a whole has got a bit lazy about economic matters during the years of growth and

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