1. Linda Jack
    · Reply

    “it is a bit like turning a supertanker powered by herds of cats”

    Love it! Great post Andy, absolutely agree.


  2. Norfolk Blogger
    · Reply

    This makes much sense.

    In many ways I was not arguing for an instant change of direction, but we should have been aware much earlier that eventually the Tories would make a comeback and that Labour, like every other government that outstays its welcome, would become massively unpopular. It seems we waited until 2006/2007 to start this in earnest.

    When a party comes to power than

  3. Steph Ashley
    · Reply

    Nothing to add or contest here, but just wanted to say I think this is a beautiful analogy, executed with style. Well done, sir!

  4. Process Guy
    · Reply

    Linda and Steph; thank you (blushes)

    Norfolk Blogger; have we been too slow to grasp the implications of new circumstances and recognise the need for a change of strategic direction? I think in many places yes we have. That is a point well made.

    I just think that there are some (and I don’t accuse you of this in particular) who have overinflated expectations of how quickly we

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