1. Linda Jack
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    You are right to continue to challenge our thinking about this. Maybe we could get over it by having two posts?! A party chair – with a clear role to be just that, with all the associated responsibilities for party organisation and strategic thinking and a “mayoral” type President to take on the ceremonial. This would get over the problem of the two roles demanding different skills. Whoever Simon Hughes’ successor, they will be stuck with the current system, but maybe one of their selling points could be to reform it?!

  2. Process Guy
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    Thanks Linda. We need more challenge if we are to improve and I hope I am contributing my bit.

    But I think you might be missing my point a little. We don’t need constitutional change, or two new posts etc. What we need is the current structures to be used properly.

    Although, I am hoping that all the candidates looking to follow Simon will be advocating a reform agenda!

  3. Duncan Borrowman
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    “For me the most important aspect of the role of the President is that they are the only party office, other than the Leader, elected by the whole party.”
    Yep, and thus they bring accountability. I’m definitely with you on this one!

  4. Linda Jack
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    Yes Andy

    We do need current structures to be used properly, but that presupposes that a) the current structures are OK b) that the two diverse roles are capable of being carried out by one person! Because this is an election it owes more to a candidate’s ability to engage with the electorate, capture the imagination and lift the collective party vision, than it does to their ability to “use party structures properly”!!!! Therein lies the rub……….

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