1. a radical writes
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    Tis a pity indeed that we ignore the changes in Ireland, especially since there’s so much we can learn from them in terms of liberal causes: adopting the Euro, STV, free trade combined with a willingness to step down on collusion and corporate greed. The scars run deeper in Ireland than they do here though and I think its more an unwillingness by Irish politicians to be associated with us than us to be associated with them

  2. Woolly Liberal
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    Oh yes! The experience of STV in Ireland knocks any arguments against into a cocked-hat! The wider problem with the British media is that countries are presented as those which “matter” and those who “don’t”. I’ve always felt slightly embrassed by the lavish coverage British elections get in places like Australia and New Zealand, and we reduce theirs to a 1 minute item on the 10 o’clock news..sorry to rant, off to start my own blog!!

  3. Manfarang
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    The reason why Irish politics is ignored? In a word ‘Republicanism’ which in its Irish form is profoundly anti-British. Modern Irish history could have been very different.Go back exactly 100 years and it can be seen that the more extremist views in the south were on the wane.
    The PDs are not in good shape at the moment.But talking of history, maybe a book about the Ulster Liberal Party needs to be written.

  4. Alasdair W
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    Well Ireland only has the population of 6million, so proportionally maybe it’s justified. However I do see you point and afterall the country is our only landborder, people often forget we actually have a land border. What happens in the ROI is quite important to what happens in Northern Ireland too.

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