1. a radical writes
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    lolz, too true. I think the original post your looking for was on libdem voice, I remember writing the original article!

  2. John Locke's Ghost
    · Reply

    Typical prejudice and spin. You suggest that in order to support free markets, one must be wealthy and selfish, and therefore actually a conservative. If one supports welfare state, then s/he must selfless, no matter how wealthy or poor s/he is, a real liberal…

    Well, believe it or not, I happen to be low-income, not working at City at all, and barely gaining my bread. Sometimes hardly even that. And still I’m supporting free markets.

    But obviously the possibility, that people, who don’t support the same policies you do, could have a selfless motive, or the thought that the policies that you support might actually be the wrong ones in order to actually achieve some real welfare for those worse off, hasn’t even crossed your mind. You like big, expensive gestures, never mind the results.

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