1. Alex Wilcock
    · Reply

    Well done on your first proper rant, Andy (and in even more paragraphs than mine)! I look forward to many more.

    Good little story; I take your point about GBH. It was great drama, and political, and it did turn things around from where the early episodes used to be going (to the point of socialist wish-fulfilment fantasy where the evils of Mr Hatton and his ilk were really all

  2. Process Guy
    · Reply

    Ok Alex.

    Finally, I’ve got a moment to respond to this.

    First, let’s talk about what I actually said. From the very start I said that there were parts of this programme that made me feel uncomfortable. The dismissive negative depiction of the whole political class was at the heart of that and I accept most of your arguments in objecting to it. I said “There is a lot of truth in

  3. falktalk
    · Reply

    There is a much more serious argument about this programe,and that is its overwhelming whiteness.In the first episode, there were two or three very background non white extras. In the second episode there was a brief appearance from Meera Sydal,and then some token ‘ethnic’ cabinet members and MPs -none of whom had speaking parts. The glaring contrast was with the daughter’s friends from the local

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