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Agenda for the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference 2013

Liberal Democrats LogoThe agenda for this year’s Liberal Democrat Federal Spring Conference is now available online.

I won’t be going to Brighton in March for the conference, so this is largely of academic interest, but a brief glance at the agenda suggests I won’t be missing too much. I would highlight three things:

  • The, rather silly, constitutional amendment that would make it easier for the party to chuck out its leader. I’d be very surprised if this was passed. One of the reasons why I am certain that Clegg will lead the Liberal Democrats into the next General Election is Lembit Opik plotting against him.
  • The concentration on the economy. The formal business of the conference will be dominated by discussion of economic policy and ideas for achieving growth. This is as it should be.
  • That writing the next manifesto has begun. With various sessions discussing broadly drawn consultation papers and a specific manifesto consultation session this conference marks the beginning of the writing process for the next General Election manifesto.  This is the real significance of the conference.

One disappointment — given the events in Northern Ireland over the last few months — I would have liked to have seen a slot given to the Alliance Party on the agenda as an expression of support. Although a chance for this remains with the slot for emergency motions.

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