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Random Thoughts for 24th January 2013

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occurred to me between 9th January 2013 and 24th January 2013:

150 great things about the Underground

This month we celebrated 150 years of the London Underground. So I am linking to this fantastic blog (hat-tip Liberal England ). Looking through it I was blown away by the richness and extent of the networks heritage. As well as the engineering and transport impact that ‘the Tube’ has had in those 150 years we shouldn’t forget the huge legacy of great design — in architecture and other areas.

BBC Radio 4 – Cabin Pressure

I hope you are all listening to the latest series of the Radio 4 sitcom ‘Cabin Pressure’ about “an airline for whom no job is too small but many, many jobs are too difficult”. An outstanding cast and outstanding writing.

Winterwatch, 1963 – The Big Freeze

I thoroughly enjoyed this showing of an archive documentary about the winter of 1963 that BBC Two’s Winterwatch provided last Saturday. As much for the style of news broadcasting as the story of the fierce winter.

The Real Blog: We need to be able to ‘conquer unemployment’ again

David Boyle lays down a challenge. “The truth is that the Lib Dems badly need a central organising economic idea. They have survived for too long now on a bundle of issues around fairness and civil liberties, which – although important – are not winning reasons for government.”

Managing Twitter: a How to Guide

I thought this guide to using Twitter from Jennie was rather wise, particularly the part about trying harder to be interesting. My use of Twitter is a bit disorganised so I need to follow some of this advice.

Love Me or Leave Me – Emeli Sande

I saw the New Year in, as is traditional, watching Jools Holland’s “Hootenanny” and jigging round the living room into the early hours of the morning. For me this was the highlight of the show. I wonderful version of one of my favourites.

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