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My report on the November 2012 meeting of the Liberal Democrat’s English Council

My report on the November meeting of the Liberal Democrat’s English Council is now up on Liberal Democrat Voice.

The English Council is the governing body of the Liberal Democrats in England and meets twice a year to consider matters of importance to the English Party. This post is part of a series of posts I’ve been writing for Liberal Democrat Voice this year reporting on the activities of the English Party.

The main issue I have highlighted in the report is the decision of the English Party to carry out a review of the organisational arrangements made for the recent Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.

The only thing I would want to add here was how impressed I was by the keynote speech from Stephen Lloyd the MP for Eastbourne. I’ve not really come across him much before, and can’t remember having seen him speak, so I was very pleased to find him an extremely effective and engaging speaker. He is a very different kind of Liberal Democrat to me, and I didn’t agree with everything he said, but his energy, obvious commitment, and clear headed thinking was impressive and left me feeling more than a little inspired.


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