Random Thoughts for 22nd October 2012: Anglo-Saxons, Kiron Reid, Croydon North & the new theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occurred to me between 15th October 2012 and 22nd October 2012:

BBC Radio 3 – The Essay: Anglo-Saxon Portraits

This week I’ve been getting into Radio 3′s series of essays looking at the Anglo-Saxon’s. This is one of my favourite periods of English history, but one that I know less about. So I’ve been finding them fascinating. They are also available as a podcast.

Kiron Reid resigns from Lib Dems to run as independent police commissioner in Merseyside

Unlike a lot of public resignations from the party over the last few years, which I have generally found frustrating and annoying, this news has made me very sad. I don’t know Kiron terribly well, but he was one of the first friendly people outside my local party that I met after joining the Liberal Democrats. A good bloke and a sound liberal. These PCC elections have caused far more trouble than they should.

Why does David Rendel bother? | Liberal Burblings

I wanted to echo Paul Walter’s tribute to one of my favourite Lib Dems, David Rendel, after the news that, sadly, he won’t be seeking selection again as candidate for Newbury.

Alec Robertson – my part in his downfall

An eye-witness account of local government drama as the leader of Cornwall Council is forced out.

Marisha Ray selected for Lib Dems in Croydon North

Congratulations to Marisha and good luck with the campaign!

Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts

Following the recent debate at conference this petition site has been set up to “make sure that our MPs, Peers and Ministers deliver on the motion that was passed”. I’ve signed. The site shows how you can set something like this up quickly using WordPress, but I am not sure why it is restricted to Party members only?

Lib Dem MEP Sharon Bowles applies for Bank of England governor job

Given my recent praise for Bowles on this blog this can only be a good thing.

The Indoor Jacobean Theatre / Shakespeare’s Globe

One of my highlights of the Summer was going to see Henry V at the Globe theatre. The Globe people have always had plans for an indoor Jacobean theatre to go alongside the outdoor theatre — Shakespeare wrote for both — and the shell of the building already exists. Now they have started building the theatre itself to be finished in 2013. The video explains — oh and they need money..


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