Random Thoughts for 12th October 2012

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occured to me between 3rd October 2012 and 12th October 2012:

10 things the Lib Dem conference has taught us

Ten things we learned from the Labour party conference

Ten things we’ve learned from the Conservative party conference

We’ve reached the end of the party conference season for 2012 and these are three links that form a useful round up in the form of these ’10 things’ articles from Andrew Sparrow on The Guardian website.

Results of the English Party Elections 2012

I’ve contributed another post to Liberal Democrat Voice on the activities of the Liberal Democrats’ English Council. This time on the results of the elections to positions within the English Party.

Sharon Bowles’ speech to Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference

I was impressed with Sharon Bowles’ speech to conference the other week and it got her the first standing ovation I can remember for an MEP at a Lib Dem Conference. This is the full text. Admittedly it does start off badly when she compares herself to a hobbit – but the passage where she calls on city bosses to stop hiding their views about the importance of Britain’s EU membership was very powerful.

Eric Hobsbawm does not deserve the praise he has received today

Jonathan Calder on Eric Hobsbawn. Beware of unrepentant communists.


I approve when the Liberal Democrats get a bit more aggressive in promoting their case. So it was nice to see the party take the fight to Labour during their conference with this poster campaign and the message is one worth repeating:

Stealing Sheep – Shut Eye

Too much politics in this edition of ‘Random Thoughts’ so as a break here is a video from my band of the moment:

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