Random Thoughts for August 2012

This is the latest in my series of Random Thoughts posts with links, things found on the web and other stuff that has occured to me. Not had one for a while so this is the bumper August edition.

Picture of a baby hippo named HulaLets start with a double helping of baby animals at Whipsnade Zoo:

Baby hippo makes debut dip

Triple celebrations as lynx kitten triplets are born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

I found this rather amusing;

Charles Kennedy: Gonzo Is My Favourite Muppet

For some reason I am not surprised. :-)

Buddha Machine!

I spent some time this week playing around with some online ambient music and sound generators. Traditionally these are used to help people get to sleep — but I’ve found them useful for aiding concentration while working. This led me to rediscover the wonderful Buddha Machine. This began life as a plastic box sound player created by a team of artists — but now there is a cool iPhone/iPad app.

Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2012

In tech news we had the traditional annual update on the progress of my favourite CMS and blogging platform; WordPress.

Opinion: Spectators are as important as athletes to develop a sporting nation

I liked the post that my friend Laura wrote for Lib Dem Voice looking at the role of the spectator in sport. I think she is on to something when she makes a parallel between audience development in the arts and spectator development in sport. There is the potential for really interesting policy responses if this idea is pursued.

Will Hutton: George Osborne is the worst of all the British chancellors I’ve known

Obviously, this is a bad review for Osborne — but more interesting for Hutton’s verdict on Chancellors from Healey to Darling. You may be surprised by the verdict on Norman Lamont; ‘Undervalued’.

BBC News: Ex-sceptic says climate change is down to humans

Gave a wry smile when I saw this — but frustrated this argument is still going on.

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