I’m on Spotify

Spotify logoFor the last few weeks I’ve been trying out the music service Spotify. So far I’ve been impressed.

I enjoy spending time creating playlists, often based around a theme or a mood, and exploring online music sources for tracks to put in them. Some of these end up becoming complicated productions as I spend ages trying to judge what would be the perfect track to fit in a particular musical sequence. Given that my sources tend to end up being iTunes and Amazon I have at times ended up spending too much money on this — if a little bit at a time.

So what I like about Spotify is that it really encourages you to create playlists by making it easy for you to explore and experiment without having to commit to buying a track. Whether paying the monthly fee will work out cheaper than my previous habits I have yet to see.

One side benefit of Spotify is that it also seems to be blogging friendly. The Spotify Play Button is a nice feature I intend to try out. I have occasionally blogged before about music, posting my best tracks of the year, but I may now end up doing this a bit more frequently.

If you can’t wait to have my musical tastes inflicted on you via ‘Strange Thoughts’ then you can instead find my public Spotify profile here:


Further to the above, I’ve found these two useful articles on the benefits, and limitations, of the Spotify Play Button:

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